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Sun Aug 19 23:34:51 2018

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TitleScience and Technology News and Commentary: Aardvark Daily (view sites with similar title)
Category: Computers / Internet / News and Media
Regional / Oceania / New Zealand / Business and Economy / Computers and Internet / Publications
Description Aardvark is New Zealand's leading Internet Industry online news publication, reaching thousands of professionals and enthusiasts every day
KeywordsAardvark, Australia, New Zealand, technology, science, internet, news
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Aardvark - Site Review: Aardvark Daily - Primarily NZ and Australian Internet news and commentary. Aardvark Daily - New Zealand's internet industry online news publication.

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science and technology news and Commentary: aardvark Daily. Enter your search terms. Submit search form.
Web. aardvark zealand's longest-running online daily news and commentary publication,
now in its 18th year . The opinion pieces presented here.are not purported to be fact but reasonable effort is made to ensure accuracy.
Content copyright © 1995 - 2013 to Bruce Simpson (aka aardvark), the logo.was kindly created for aardvark Daily by the folks at. Home : Commentary : Features : Sci-Tech news : Feedback : Follow Me on G+ : Forums : Contact : REPUBLISHING :
Please visit the sponsor! Government, ditch the tech-hypocrisy.
5 February 2013.The current National government believes that "market forces" are a solution.
to almost all things. This misguided belief that the laws of supply and demand, coupled with the basic.
mechanisms of capitalism, will ensure that everything reaches a lovely ...

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