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Fri Aug 17 06:28:57 2018

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TitleBill Bennett | journalist (view sites with similar title)
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Bill Bennett | journalist. Bill Bennett. journalist. Menu. Skip to content. home. about. contact.
New Zealand media on Twitter. disambiguation. Chromebook envy? No, me neither. Leave a reply.
Google promotes Acer’s Chromebook.Given the importance of everything cloud, you might ask yourself why haven’t Google Chromebooks taken off in New Zealand.
It’s partly because they haven’t been officially launched here. Chromebooks are low-cost laptops designed for use with cloud applications. Think of them as  thin clients.
Physically most Chromebooks sit somewhere between the traditional laptop and the Ultrabook format. Typically they have low-end processors and small SSDs. Many have built-in 3G data modems.
Chromebooks run Google’s lightweight Chrome OS. The operating system is effectively a swept-up version of Google’s Chrome browser. That makes it idea to use with cloud applications, especially Google Apps. Actually, they can’t realistically run anything other than cloud apps.
So why ...

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