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TitleBusiness support, information and advice | (view sites with similar title)
Description Subscribe to newsletter | | | | | Options Entities Directors Shareholders Disqualified Directors Directors / Shareholders Advanced Search Starting stopping Staff HR Tax reporting Laws regulations Support advice Entering a business Determining if...
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Twitter @business_govtNZ
The New Zealand government business site. The information and tools here are designed to help you start, manage or grow your business.
It's @PinkShirtDayNZ and time to think about preventing bullying in your workplace #PinkShirtDayNZ

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Business support, information and advice | Subscribe to newsletter.
Options. Entities. Directors. Shareholders. Disqualified Directors. Directors / Shareholders.
Advanced Search. Starting stopping. Staff HR. Tax reporting. Laws regulations. Support advice.
Entering a business. Determining if you’re in business. Starting a business. Buying a business.
Business structures. Overview of structures. Understanding business structures. Focus on sole traders.
Focus on partnerships. Focus on companies. Intellectual property protection. An introduction to IP.
Protecting intellectual property. Copyright in New Zealand. Copyright protection overseas.
What is a trade mark? What is a patent? What is a design? Assess your intellectual property.
Exiting a business. Overview of exiting. Leaving or selling. Closing down voluntarily.
Preventing involuntary closure. Managing involuntary closure for companies. Managing insolvency for sole traders ...

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46486 2013-01-30
51803 2013-01-08
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38221 2011-12-06
42278 2011-08-13
549895 2010-06-10
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652572 2008-12-23

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  1. Subscribe to newsletter
  2. on Facebook
  3. on LinkedIn
  4. on YouTube
  5. Advanced Search
  6. Staff HR
  7. Tax reporting
  8. Laws regulations
  9. Support advice
  10. Entering a business
  11. Determining if you’re in business
  12. Starting a business
  13. Buying a business
  14. Business structures
  15. Overview of structures
  16. Understanding business structures
  17. Focus on sole traders
  18. Focus on partnerships
  19. Focus on companies
  20. Intellectual property protection
  21. An introduction to IP
  22. Protecting intellectual property
  23. Copyright in New Zealand
  24. Copyright protection overseas
  25. What is a trade mark?
  26. What is a patent?
  27. What is a design?
  28. Assess your intellectual property
  29. Exiting a business
  30. Overview of exiting
  31. Leaving or selling
  32. Closing down voluntarily
  33. Preventing involuntary closure
  34. Managing involuntary closure for companies
  35. Managing insolvency for sole traders and partnerships
  36. Types of employee
  37. Overview of employee types
  38. Focus on employees
  39. Focus on casual workers
  40. Focus on contractors
  41. Employing a spouse or civil union partner
  42. Employing workers from overseas
  43. Recruiting staff
  44. Guide to hiring for employers
  45. Trials and Probations
  46. Fixed-term agreements
  47. What to put in employment agreements
  48. Recruitment services
  49. Tax requirements for first time employers
  50. Obligations for new staff
  51. Managing staff
  52. Minimum employment rights
  53. Paying staff
  54. Holidays and entitlements
  55. Keeping employee records
  56. Supporting your staff
  57. Training and support services
  58. Restructuring and redundancy
  59. Resolving employee disputes
  60. Ending an employment relationship
  61. Company financial reporting
  62. Financial reporting for companies
  63. Your financial records
  64. How to file your annual return
  65. Business tax levies
  66. Overview of taxes and levies
  67. Tax obligations and registrations for new businesses
  68. Assess your start up tax health
  69. Assess your in-business tax health
  70. Tax implications for different business structures
  71. An introduction to GST
  72. GST obligations
  73. Fringe benefit tax
  74. Employer ACC levies
  75. Asset depreciation
  76. Inland Revenue Tool for Business
  77. Employer deductions
  78. Overview of employer deductions
  79. PAYE and payroll
  80. KiwiSaver
  81. Other deduction obligations
  82. Consumer laws
  83. Manufacturers and importers
  84. Understanding the Fair Trading Act
  85. Retailers
  86. Internet traders
  87. Motor vehicle traders
  88. Financial service providers
  89. Health safety
  90. Workplace regulations
  91. Workplace emergency planning
  92. Prevent pain and injury
  93. Crisis management
  94. Health and safety reporting
  95. The environment
  96. Sustainability
  97. Understanding ecolabels and sustainability claims
  98. Importing exporting
  99. Overview of importing exporting regulations
  100. Importers and customs
  101. Going out of New Zealand for business purposes
  102. What biosecurity means for importers
  103. Employment regulations
  104. New Zealand employment legislation
  105. Minimum pay

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