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TitleCherchez l'argent (view sites with similar title)
Description Animals Animation Art of Playing Cards Drugs Education Environment Flying History Humour Immigration Info/Tech Intellectual/Entertaining Lifestyles Men Money/Politics/Law New Jersey Odds and Oddities Older Under Photography Prisons Relationships Science...
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Cherchez l'argent. Animals. Animation. Art of Playing Cards. Drugs. Education. Environment.
Flying. History. Humour. Immigration. Info/Tech. Intellectual/Entertaining. Lifestyles. Men.
Money/Politics/Law. New Jersey. Odds and Oddities. Older Under. Photography. Prisons. Relationships.
Science. Social/Cultural. Terrorism. Wellington. Working. Zero Return Investment.I’ve often started off with a lawyer joke, a complete caricature of a lawyer who’s been nasty, greedy, and unethical.
I’ve stopped that practice. I gradually realised that the lawyers in the audience didn’t think the jokes were funny.
The non-lawyers didn’t know they were jokes. Marc Galanter. Cherchez l'argent. Jan. 30, 2013.
Cherchez l’argent means “Look for the money.” What Could Go Wrong?
AGM-114 Hellfire Missile All Hung Up.Chuck Hagel.No Joy. A federal judge has refused to require the Justice Department to disclose a memorandum providing the legal justification for the targeted ...

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  1. Animals
  2. Animation
  3. Art of Playing Cards
  4. Drugs
  5. Education
  6. Environment
  7. Flying
  8. History
  9. Humour
  10. Immigration
  11. Info and Test
  12. Intellectual and Entertaining
  13. Lifestyles
  14. Men
  15. Money Politics and Law
  16. New Jersey
  17. Odds and Oddities
  18. Older Under
  19. Photography
  20. Prisons
  21. Relationships
  22. Science
  23. Social/Cultural
  24. Terrorism
  25. Wellington
  26. Working
  27. Forest Related
  28. AGM-114 Hellfire Missile All Hung Up
  29. Chuck Hagel
  30. No Joy
  31. here
  32. these appropriate lyrics:
  33. insists that the Iraq war was a way of teaching neoconservatives to pay attention to terrain
  34. does Kaplan really mean that?
  35. ...the Iraq war is largely about oil
  36. But note: by the year 2020, energy will be 50% more expensive, in real terms, than today
  37. Sooner or later — by intent or by accident — we’ll face a catastrophic breakdown of the Internet
  38. No Date Tonight?
  39. Unusual Dust Storm Western Australia
  40. Deep Purple Heat Wave So. Australia
  41. Tasmania Burning
  42. Wildfires North of Sydney, NSW
  43. Flooding in Queensland
  44. Sydney Heat
  45. Tug boat worker Brett Martin
  46. Australia’s weather bureau model
  47. The Holmes family takes refuge under a jetty
  48. A fire burns
  49. There’s no letup of the extreme weather for the Australian state
  50. People who accidentally start fires while mowing their lawns could find themselves in jail
  51. Future warming of the climate due to greenhouse gas emissions will very likely result in weather events which are increasingly beyond our prior experiences
  52. The heatwave stranded thousands of commuters, with dozens of trains delayed as steel wires buckled and a hose used to run a key signalling system melted
  53. Who Really Profits from Poppies?
  54. What determines whether a crop will be grown
  55. So Cold It's Hot
  56. Both Hot and Cold
  57. Common Helium Uses
  58. What is normal to most people in winter has so far been impossible in physics:
  59. Methane clathrate
  60. Methane bound in hydrates amounts to approximately 3,000 times the volume of methane in the atmosphere
  61. a billion cubic meters of helium gas had been collected in the official US reserve
  62. It cools the magnets used to make semiconductors for mobile phones
  63. Getting Smarter
  64. there was only a very small relationship between spending on education and the quality of the educational experience
  65. One student’s comment:
  66. Glenn Reynolds
  67. Yahoo Is Now Scott Free
  68. She Grew Up to Be President of the US 4 Times
  69. Crying for Kim
  70. The most common lie on a résumé has to do with education
  71. ADP Screening and Selection Services
  72. Overheard:
  73. Little Franklin Delano Roosevelt sits primly on a stool, his white skirt spread smoothly over his lap, his hands clasping a hat trimmed with a marabou feather
  74. North Korea can be looked at as the most successful cult in the world
  75. Anti-Intellectualism
  76. At great effort and expense they send an extraordinary proportion of their young to colleges and universities, but their young, when they get there, don’t seem to care even to read
  77. A Scientific Illustration of How Epigenetic Mechanisms Can Affect Health
  78. Early maternal care affects offspring’s reactivity to stress
  79. The Quarterly Review of Biology:
  80. Normal
  81. It can bust through biofilms and kill a whole host of bacterial types
  82. After Gel Use
  83. His Guilt Is Alien
  84. Take the Pain Away
  85. I Deserve This
  86. New gym members sometimes use their gym time to justify an increase in unhealthy behaviours
  87. The Time-Shifting Drug
  88. Modafinil
  89. eugeroic

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