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TitleMandM (view sites with similar title)
Description Matt and Madeleine Flannagan on Philosophy of Religion, Ethics, Theology and Jurisprudence
KeywordsPhilosophy of Religion, Theology, Ethics, Jurisprudence, Social Commentary, Christian, Matthew Flannagan, Matt Flannagan, Madeleine Flannagan, Christianity, Philosophy, Religion, Religious
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MandM. Home. About. Support. Archives. Events. Blogroll. RSS. Divine Commands and Psychopathic Tendencies.
February 2nd, 2013 by Matt. Respond. There has been some interesting debate in the blogosphere over Sam Harris’ contention that a divine command theory of ethics manifests “a psychopathic and psychotic moral attitude.”
Randal Rauser responded  to Harris’ contention noting that “if you read through the twenty traits on the Psychopath Checklist you’ll find qualities like callousness, shallow effect, grandiose sense of self-worth, and lack of empathy. But you won’t find adherence to a divine command theory of meta-ethics among them.”  Christopher Hallquist rejoins:
“I almost have a hard time believing Randal is serious here.  When he talks about “adherence to a divine command theory of meta-ethics,” what he means is believing that  blowing up a bus full of children is right if that’s what God told you to do.  That may not be explicitly listed in the Psychopath Checklist, ...

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