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TitleNetSafe: Cybersafety and Security advice for New Zealand | (view sites with similar title)
Description NetSafe About us Contact NetSafe Blogs Report incidents Donate The Orb The Scam Machine Hector's World Hector's World Cyber Bullying NetBasics In My Day myLGP Cybersafety Advent Calendar Our very own Advent Calendar has 24 pieces of yuletide cyber...
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Twitter @netsafenz
Cyber safety and security advice for New Zealand
Why this guide to cyber-bullying slang may save your child's life
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NetSafe: Cybersafety and Security advice for New Zealand | NetSafe. About us. Contact NetSafe.
Blogs. Report incidents. Donate. The Orb. The Scam Machine. Hector's World. Hector's World.
Cyber Bullying. NetBasics. In My Day. myLGP. Cybersafety Advent Calendar Our very own Advent Calendar has 24 pieces of yuletide cyber safety and security know-how with timely reminders on how to keep yourself and those around you safe online over the festive season.
The NetSafe Kit for Schools The NetSafe Kit for Schools sets out a comprehensive programme of cybersafety for New Zealand schools and covers key issues for staff, parents and students.
Cyber Security Awareness Week: 11 – 15 June Follow 4 simple steps to improve your computer security when you visit the new Security Central website at
LGP: a student-centered approach to teaching and learning about cybersafety The focus of cybersafety has expanded beyond policies and procedures to include discussion, action, and teachable ...

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  1. NetSafe
  2. About us
  3. Contact NetSafe
  4. Blogs
  5. Report incidents
  6. Donate
  7. The Scam Machine
  8. Hector's World
  9. Cyber Bullying
  10. NetBasics
  11. In My Day
  12. myLGP
  13. Cybersafety Advent Calendar
  14. The NetSafe Kit for Schools
  15. Cyber Security Awareness Week: 11 – 15 June
  16. LGP: a student-centered approach to teaching and learning about cybersafety
  17. Cyberbullying: advice for young people, parents and teachers
  18. Hector’s World®: cybersafety for children aged 2-9
  19. Report online incidents with The Orb
  20. Learn how to avoid internet scams
  21. Are you doing the NetBasics?
  22. QA
  23. Can I download music and videos from YouTube? Am I breaking copyright law?
  24. Help! My email account has been hacked
  25. The Copyright (Infringing File Sharing) Amendment Act: What schools should know
  26. What anti-virus software should I use?
  27. How can I put parental controls on my child's mobile phone?
  28. Apple Parental Controls: how to set up iPhone, iPad and iTunes restrictions
  29. Facebook: reporting fake and imposter profiles
  30. What is text bullying and harassment?
  31. How do I secure my wireless network?
  32. How can I report txt spam?
  33. Can you help me develop an online product or website for children?
  34. NetSafe Conference 2012
  35. Wi-Fi safety in New Zealand schools
  36. Fraud Awareness Week 2012
  37. What if internet access is part of our tenancy agreement?
  38. How can I set up parental controls on the popular gaming consoles?
  39. How to upgrade your web browser to stay safe online
  40. How do I protect my Apple Mac or iOS devices?
  41. Should I use a separate browser to use Facebook securely?
  42. How to keep your mobile devices safe and secure
  43. Top Tips for Staying Secure on Facebook
  44. How and why should I backup my data?
  45. Download dangers: what is safe to download online?
  46. Facebook gossip and rumour pages
  47. Challenging Risk: NZ High-school Students’ Activity, Challenge, Distress, and Resiliency, within Cyberspace
  48. How can I prevent textbullying?
  49. How can I prevent cyberbullying?
  50. How do I use the Vodafone Blacklist service?
  51. How can I order NetSafe resources like posters and DVDs?
  52. How and where to report website abuse
  53. Scams and frauds: understanding internet trickery
  54. Can I trust cold calling PC technical support companies?
  55. How do I make my computer secure?
  56. Practical advice for schools using YouTube videos
  57. What are my rights and responsibilities under the new Copyright Act?
  58. What is the new process that the Copyright (Infringing File Sharing) Amendment Act has introduced?
  59. What is the Copyright (Infringing File Sharing) Amendment Act?
  60. The Copyright Act and schools
  61. How will the Copyright (Infringing File Sharing) Amendment Act work?
  62. NetSafe advice to schools: What to do if your school receives an infringement notice from your ISP
  63. Cybersafety and ICT policies for small business
  64. How can I set up a cybersafety policy and use agreements for ECE personnel?
  65. addiction
  66. anti-spyware
  67. anti-virus
  68. At A Distance
  69. backups
  70. computer security
  71. copyright
  72. creative commons
  73. cyberbullying
  74. cybercrime
  75. cybersafety
  76. digital citizenship
  77. downloading
  78. education
  79. Facebook
  80. file sharing
  81. filtering
  82. firewall
  83. gambling
  84. help and advice
  85. HR
  86. ICT policies
  87. Learn Guide Protect
  88. malware
  89. mobile phones
  90. online games
  91. online trading
  92. P2P
  93. parental controls
  94. s
  95. phishing
  96. poker websites
  97. porn
  98. privacy
  99. report abuse
  100. scams and fraud
  101. security software
  102. social networking
  103. staff
  104. strong
  105. text bullying
  106. The Whatsit
  107. time management
  108. use agreements
  109. Become a Member
  110. Strategic Partners
  111. Online Resources
  112. The Team @ NetSafe
  113. Follow us on Facebook
  114. Twitter
  115. YouTube
  116. NetSafe in the Media
  117. Email Newsletter
  118. Ministry of Education
  119. InternetNZ
  120. Creative Commons Attribution-Non Commercial-ShareAlike 3.0 New Zealand Licence
  121. Terms of Use

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