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Wed Aug 15 17:40:21 2018

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Titlethe conservative (view sites with similar title)
Description Promoting social and fiscal conservatism and freedom of speech for all New Zealanders. Opposing progressive liberalism, political correctness, and left-wing social engineering
Keywordspolitical correctness, conservative, gay marriage, conservatism, same-sex marriage, liberal propaganda, conservative party, social engineering, news, blog, blogs, social conservatism, fiscal, left wing, liberalism, progressive, liberals, freedom of speech
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the conservative. Skip to main content.Promoting social and fiscal conservatism and freedom of speech for all New Zealanders.
Opposing progressive liberalism, political correctness, and left-wing social engineering. the conservative.
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Choices. National. Labour. conservative. Greens. NZ First. Maori. Mana. ACT. United Future.
Older polls. Results. Recent comments. Brown. ON: Let’s rename the North Island and the South Island ‘Maori Island' and ‘Pakeha Island’
Terry Wallbank. ON: Let’s rename the North Island and the South Island ‘Maori Island' and ‘Pakeha Island’
Tim. ON: Let’s rename the North Island and the South Island ‘Maori Island' and ‘Pakeha Island’
Tim. ON: ...

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  14. Let’s rename the North Island and the South Island ‘Maori Island' and ‘Pakeha Island’
  15. Gay marriage: how conservatives shoot themselves in the foot
  16. BBC told to put more gay presenters on children’s television—TVNZ will be next
  17. NZ the new San Francisco: gays everywhere and exhibitionists exposing their dangling bits—‘hey man peace-out’
  18. Tobacco: First came health warnings, then hidden in cupboards, now plain packaging. Now Alcohol: First comes health warnings…..
  19. Mr. Bean and Blackadder want hate speech repealed and freedom of speech returned
  20. Why do white liberals hate themselves so much?
  21. The truth about homosexuality in explicit detail—what gay-marriage advocates are not telling you
  22. UK: Political Correctness driving people from Cameron’s Cronies to the Farage Camp
  23. Shocking: Completely wrecked-old-state house on prime 1.1 million-dollar land
  24. Nigel Latta: The so-called anti-political-correctness guru is just another liberal fake
  25. When did Northcote vote to become Chinese?
  26. Stuff: ‘Gay All Black wanted - to help tackle bigotry’—what?
  27. Garth McVicar links gay marriage to crime rise in NZ’—and he’s right—select committee shockingly biased
  28. A sample of pro-gay-marriage submissions to the select committee—some doozies
  29. Fiscal Cliff: Lip licking, crying Speaker John Boehner’s days are numbered
  30. Welcome to liberalism: 3.8 million children in the family justice system while Cameron focuses on gay marriage
  31. White-trash liberal: Jennifer Farley masturbates while watching movie ‘The Dark Knight Rises’
  32. Cartoon: Incestuous marriages could be next
  33. Welcome to multiculturalism: Islam on equal footing in Hamburg—Islamic studies written and taught by Muslims
  34. Brainwashing, lying liberals: Eric Holder wants to brainwash people about guns—Piers Morgan lies about guns
  35. What’s up with Harvard? ‘New bondage club approved’ and different club sends out a ‘no f*****g Jews’ flyer
  36. An honest comparison between a 15-minutes-of-fame shooter and Anders Breivik
  37. John Key: “If I got hit by a bus I will have left NZ in better shape”
  38. The secular-progressive war on Christmas
  39. The absurdity of equality shows its ugly head again—deaf woman on a jury?
  40. Spot the difference Cameron-Key: A Farage clone will rise to devour Key just like Cameron
  41. Just how conservative is conservative Colin Craig?
  42. Funny: This would have to be one of the best answers to a tax-return question I have ever seen
  43. Australians fed-up with six-months-in-a-leaky-boat people
  44. Richard Prosser saga—once again NZ’s liberal speech police show their ugly heads
  45. Wake up Hone: state houses don’t belong to Maori and other victims, they belong to the state
  46. Privatising education may be the only solution to left-wing indoctrination
  47. Liberals are truly dangerously insane
  48. Saudis go high tech: Saudi men get an automated text message when their wife or wives try to run away.
  49. More gender bending: Swedish-toy-company catalogue no longer has boy toys and girl toys—only gender-neutral toys
  50. If Romney doesn’t beat Bozo Obama, shut down the Republican Party
  51. TrueblueNZ
  52. ConNZervative
  53. Kiwiblog
  54. Whale Oil
  55. CrusaderRabbit
  56. NZconservative
  57. No Minister
  58. Oswald Bastable's Rantings
  59. PCwatch
  60. Gates of Vienna
  61. Sultan Knish
  62. NZCPR
  63. BreakingViewsNZ
  64. American Spectator blog
  65. The Daily Caller
  66. LifeSiteNews
  67. mrc tv
  68. P J Media
  69. PJ TV
  70. WorldNetDaily
  71. Add new comment
  72. Google—yet another liberal propaganda machine
  73. This cartoon sums up idiotic liberalism very well indeed
  74. UK: The insanity of the liberal—yeh! unisex toilets means equality—oops but not in my workplace
  75. Family First launches new website—get over there to help vote out these gay-marriage fascists
  76. opposition to gay marriage in New Zealand is now far greater
  77. here
  78. NZ Herald’s so
  79. Gay Marriage supporters—answer this girl’s question—you can’t and that’s where your argument fails
  80.  CNS News:
  81. Tourism minister, John Key, may reroute Interislander from beautiful Marlborough to beach that resembles Dunkirk
  82. Why give John Key and the other socialists four years—they do enough damage in three?
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  85. April 2013
  86. The Case Against Same-Sex Marriage – Well Put
  87. “It takes a mom and a dad to create a child, so it takes a mom and a dad to raise one”
  88. Donor kids must not be forgotten
  89. More
  90. When Women Wanted Sex Much More Than Men
  91. Stupid
  92. ICT Connect
  93. A treacherous little creep:
  94. Open house
  95. School your own kids, you’re a criminal.
  96. Progressives and the Futility of Persuasion
  97. Opinion Polls- Hitler, Mussolini and Caligula Would All Have Been So Popular
  98. A New Year Message For John Key
  99. Another ban from the statist Nats
  100. Rolf Rested?
  101. An Unfortunate Headline........
  102. I argue from being
  103. Traditional Marriage vs Same Sex Marriage
  104. Gay Couples are entitled to friendship, but not sex
  105. And Now a 13-Year-Old On Same-Sex Marriage

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