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TitleThe Rock - New Zealand's Top Rock Music Station - plus home to Rock News, Funny Shit, Babes, Cars, Video and more (view sites with similar title)
Description | Join Sign up for mediaworks now to access lots of extra features across our family of websites. You are here: Home Home The Morning Rumble Rock Regions Contact Us Sign up for Rock Enrolled Shows The Morning Rumble Workday Afternoons Robert...
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The Rock - New Zealand's Top Rock Music Station - plus home to Rock News, Funny Shit, Babes, Cars, Video and more.
Join. Sign up for mediaworks now to access lots of extra features across our family of websites.
You are here: Home. Home. The Morning Rumble. Rock Regions. Contact Us. Sign up for Rock Enrolled.
Shows. The Morning Rumble. Workday. Afternoons. Robert Jono's Drive. Rock Nights. Other Shows.
Jocks. Audio On Demand. Rock Regions. Music Events. Live Rock. Rock News. Events. Gig Guide.
Countdowns. Off The Record. Rock Mobile Music Store. Music Photos. Sport. Rugby. Cricket.
Rugby League. Top Plays & Highlights. Humour. Classic Sporting Moments. Surfing. Sports Interviews.
Events. Chicks. Chicks with... Rog's Babe of the Day. Kiwi babes. Hot Girls. Rock Wives.
Girls on Film. Dunc's Hot Batch. Rock Ring Card Girl. Funny Shit. Just plain funny... That's Gotta Hurt.
All about chicks. Downright Filthy. Weird shit. Failing Demotivated? Found Something Funny?
Boys Toys. Gadgets. ...

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  1. The Rock FM - Bands, Music, Babes and Funny Shit
  2. banner
  3. Home
  4. The Morning Rumble
  5. Rock Regions
  6. Contact Us
  7. Sign up for Rock Enrolled
  8. Shows
  9. Workday
  10. Afternoons
  11. Robert Jono's Drive
  12. Rock Nights
  13. Other Shows
  14. Jocks
  15. Audio On Demand
  16. Music Events
  17. Live Rock
  18. Rock News
  19. Events
  20. Gig Guide
  21. Countdowns
  22. Off The Record
  23. Rock Mobile Music Store
  24. Music Photos
  25. Sport
  26. Rugby
  27. Cricket
  28. Rugby League
  29. Top Plays & Highlights
  30. Humour
  31. Classic Sporting Moments
  32. Surfing
  33. Sports Interviews
  34. Chicks
  35. Chicks with...
  36. Rog's Babe of the Day
  37. Kiwi babes
  38. Hot Girls
  39. Rock Wives
  40. Girls on Film
  41. Dunc's Hot Batch
  42. Rock Ring Card Girl
  43. Funny Shit
  44. Just plain funny...
  45. That's Gotta Hurt
  46. All about chicks
  47. Downright Filthy
  48. Weird shit
  49. Failing Demotivated?
  50. Found Something Funny?
  51. Boys Toys
  52. Gadgets
  53. Drifting
  54. Street Cars
  55. Classic Cars
  56. New Car Reviews
  57. Motoring News
  58. Video
  59. Gaming
  60. Music
  61. Good Shit on TV
  62. Motorsport
  63. Win
  64. On Air Competitions
  65. Online Competitions
  66. Past competitions
  67. CD/DVD/Movie of the Week
  68. Caption This
  69. Rock Gear
  70. Dissecting Rap Songs: Soulja Boy - Dissecting Rap Songs is back and this week Jono makes not so perfect sense of Soulja Boy's lyrics from his song 'Yahh B**ch Yahh'.
  71. John Key hangs up on Leah - Does the Prime Minister think chivalry is dead? He says no, but his actions speak louder than words...
  72. Emily Ratajkowski in the red, white and blue - Emily Ratajkowski shows off her American patriotism in red, blue and white bikinis. We're not complaining one bit, keep up the good work there Emily.
  73. We want to give you back your 20 bucks, Karen! - Robert and Jono are on the hunt for Karen, the lady who left a phone message that's gone viral over the weekend. They've decided to give her the 20 bucks she wants back.
  74. Bryce and Jed Mildon's spin off - Jed Mildon and Special Greg from Nitro Circus stopped by the studio this morning to talk about their shows, but they had no idea that Bryce would challenge Jed to a classic spin off...
  75. Sons of Anarchy - Season Five - Catch the season premiere of the outstanding biker drama Sons of Anarchy, 9.30pm Wednesday night on TV3.
  76. Dr. John - 4 February 2013 - This week on Dr John - What poo is made of (You'd be surprised!) are bung toenails hereditary, warts the size of bottle caps, load going from white to clear and heaps of lads with STI's bloody Sevens!
  77. Give Karen her $20! - Karen dialed the wrong number and left this crazy message on a company's machine. We don't know who you are, Karen and we hope we never, ever find out. WARNING: Loads of F-Bombs.
  78. January fails
  79. Watch Now
  80. Lance Armstrong sings Radiohead's Creep
  81. Jump over the chain fail
  82. 2013 Superbowl ads
  83. Nina Agdal Super Bowl commercial
  84. Bus driver plays porn by accident (NSFW)
  85. Dry hump video bomb
  86. Guy with a knife tasered at Buckingham Palace
  87. Give Karen her $20!
  88. Reporter owns video bomber
  89. Ski face plant
  90. Fitness fails
  91. Pornhub's rejected Super Bowl commercial
  92. Movie 43 looks like an offensively funny movie
  93. Funniest pranks on Youtube
  94. Close call with a truck
  95. Girl keeps on grinding
  96. Crazy mum gets tased
  97. Cops didn't see this coming
  98. Go home mum, you're drunk
  99. Chainsaw tree cutting fail
  100. Stupid mum gets stuck in high chair
  101. How to ruin a wedding
  102. Flying bitch slap
  103. Surprise surprise, Justin Bieber's music sounds like sh**
  104. Plane just misses hitting woman on runway by inches
  105. Liam Gallagher is a big Gangnam Style fan
  106. Judge ready to dismiss Axl Rose's Guitar Hero lawsuit
  107. Villainy and Rival State 'Mode. Set. Clear" Tour 2013
  108. Listen to Robert and Jono's weekly wind ups, including all their Wind Up Your Wife phone calls!!
  109. RJ Wind Up - X-Rated Photos
  110. RJ Wind Up - Greg Murphy
  111. Joan Jett and The Darkness
  112. Make it Punny with Robert and Jono - cheers to Night 'n Day
  113. Friday Workplace Shout - cheers to Jim Beam
  114. MusicLab - have your say and win

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