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TitleHome | The Website of The Lord (view sites with similar title)
Description My morsels and My scrolls speak actively of My coming for My spotless Bride and of the end of time. I exhort personal preparation; decry procrastination; emphasize the impact of man's freewill choices on his destiny; warn of the end of the age of grace; speak through revelatory dictation of My return. I seek a personal relationship with man established during his mortality; introduce My Banner and My website specifically and extensively as I disclose My Father's will. end time, end-time, end of time, end times.
KeywordsBanner Flag Standard Kingdom God Heaven Emblem Spirit Holy Ghost Father Son Trinity Flags Banners Standards Emblems Bible Heavens second coming end time end-time end times Prophesy eschatology dispensation church age love repentance salvation redemption Lord Jesus revelation colours colors church saints churches sanctity life end times Messiah messianic maranatha signs wonders miracles healing prayer fellowship sanctification justification justice judgement judgment hell grave sulphur sulfur fire brimstone lake Lion of Judah fire Spirit Scripture Prophetic King kings Lamb God bright Morning Star enemy foe age grace advent charitable trust eschatological eschatology death judgment final destiny soul spirit mankind humankind exaltation heaven hell morsels scrolls speak actively spotless Bride end of time exhorts personal preparation decries procrastination freewill choice choices destiny destinies revelatory dictation return Lord relationship mortality man introduces The Website of The Christ discloses Will
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